Contract-based Service

Our monthly service plans offer a fixed monthly price ideal for small and medium business


We offer monthly service plans to cover all of your business technology needs. By tailoring our plans to match your unique requirements, we can offer an unprecedented level of support at an affordable price. Whether you need a guaranteed emergency support response time or simply a regular monthly checkup, HAUPT worries free IT care has you covered.



IT system management and fast service response, 24*7 support


What we offer:

IT Assets Management

  • Register all the IT devices in database with all hardware specifications, vender, purchase date, warranty, maintenance records and parts update information. Register all the software information on each IT device in a database with username, password, software version, software license, purchase date and software update information.
  • Manage all the IT documents and accessories, including all the drivers, user manual, discs and some other accessories, such as screws, panels, cables and spare parts.
  • Draw a layout of the whole IT system, including cable connection and IT devices location.
  • Make instruments about how to use IT devices efficiently


IT Consulting

  • Give the professional recommendation when you intent to upgrade your IT system, including hardware, software and the network infrastructure.
  • Give the suggestions regarding the new IT technology to make work more efficient and more stable.


IT system security plan

  • Patches management for OS and application software
  • Company website and email system security check
  • Antivirus and spywares, and protect company network from attack on Internet.
  • Data and email backup and restore policy
  • Password management for Internet, computers, servers, email and other systems.


Daily Maintenance

  • Hardware maintenance, including computers, printers, network switches, router and so on.
  • Software maintenance, including windows xp, vista, win 7 and Microsoft office.
  • Computer or network troubleshooting and fixing.
  • Daily support for all users who have problems with the IT system.
  • Install new devices to current system.
  • Monitor the computer system. Solve the problem before it happens.
  • Assist with Devices purchase


Project assistance

  • Provide assistance for new IT project, such as CRM, ERP.
  • Provide IT support for office moving.


Emergence Restoration

  • Recover the operation when system crash.
  • Provide replace hardware when it needs repair.